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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Specialists Tel: 653405260 or 610420901

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Professional Air Conditioning
Sales and Installations Mallorca
Make your world a comfortable one with the coolness of a summer breeze or the cosiness of an extra heat source bringing a feeling of well-being to your living space all year round, by using state of the art heat pump technology.
Inverter technology reduces the power consumption by up to 30% compared to non inverter units and ensures maximum comfort, operating silence and reliability.
  Low level Wall Mounted System
Daikin low level wall mounted unit, fitted in a residential property
 Ceiling & Floor Mounted Systems
Daikin ceiling and floor mounted units, fitted in a residential property
Tecnicool Mallorca S.L
+34 653405260
Club de Mar 91
Muelle Pelaires
Palma de Mallorca (Majorca)

All Types of Air Conditioning Equipment 

Wall Mounted Units -Environmently friendly


Ducted Systems -Gives you a tidy look. Visually concealed within a ceiling void. Connected via flexible ducting to multiple ceiling diffusers.


Ceiling Cassette Units -Designed for most types of suspended ceilings. Invisible comfort.


Floor/Ceiling suspended units -Modern sleek design. Ideal for ceilings or floors.


Multi-type systems - Allows multiple indoor units from a single outside condensing unit. Can be used in conjunction with ceiling cassette, wall mounted or ducted systems.


VRV (VRF)- Used in large buildings. Giving complete control over the temperature.


Water Chillers -  Used to circulate chilled or heated water to multiple fan coil units from one or more outdoor chiller units.


Swimming Pool Heat Pumps - The latest generation of heat pumps use the free heat in the air. The sun doesn't even need to shine for the heat pump to work.


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